Tuesday, 27 September 2011

So I heard you like sisters...

...not like that you filthy animal.
This is just a filler post/ something away from the usual content of this blog (hence the lack of number).

But I recently took a good long look at the new Codex: Sisters of Battle.
Now, I'm speaking from an understanding that allies are not permitted anymore, and thus comparing/juding the old dex and the new dex on that basis.
I personally think it is a marked improvment. But some people don't seem to think so.
Yes, of course I argued with them. Win.

Would you like to know more?
Check out the topic thred - http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=238980&st=25



Saturday, 17 September 2011

4. "I must say, he sounds like a thoroughly nasty fellow."

"He is."

   This peaks my interest. I concentrate. I Force the constant chatter of the various scum that call themselves patrons of this filthy shit hole to the background. I focus on the voices.

"Then why are we looking for him?" I hear the first voice enquire, with certain hollowness to it, as if it the individual asking already knows the answer.

"Because we need his skills. We need someone who will blend in to this crowd. Someone who will complete the task set before them with clinical and meticulous precision. The kind of detached logic and dedication that only comes with greed," comes the response. Male. Quite well spoken for the Underhive, but not so much that you would notice it unless you'd heard the accent before.

I twist my head and catch a glimpse at the pair speaking. A man and a woman sitting at the bar, a couple of stools away from me. Not much about them. You're everyday hive scum. If it wasn't for the fact I could hear their conversation, I'd have believed it too...

"So do we find Mr Roth?" Asks the woman, her voice dripping with sarcasm and loathing.

 The man gives her a stern look, which relaxes as he starts to respond, "I'm not sure, from what I've been told not much is known of Dengar's past, which is probably best seeing as he goes round killing various people for money. Like all bounty hunters of decent reputation there are legends told and rumours spread about their person; usually over a glass of cheap amsec in some seedy back street bar like this somewhere in the Underhive. As with any story told in this fashion, many of the details reek to high heaven of fallacy, over dramatics and exaggeration. Some say he used to be an assassin for one of the more influential trade guilds at the top of the spire, stabbed in the back by his former employers and seeking revenge. Others say the turban he sports is to hide colossal amounts of mechanical augmentation he received after suffering a grievous injury, apparently fighting some vile xenos create as a storm trooper stationed on some far flung, Emperor forsaken world. There have been tales told of over 500 confirmed kills, and the fortune he has amassed over his career." 

The woman looks at the man with a mix of disbelief and humour on her face. "That's outrageous! There is no way those stories can be true."

I look into my glass and down the remnants of my drink. I stand up and start to walk towards the door. As I reach them I stop.

  "Occasionally my dear, the truth is every bit as outrageous as the stories told." I look up and examine the surprise creep over her as the penny drops.
"Granted 500 confirmed kills is a bit much and it doesn't pay as well as everyone makes out."
  I can't help but smile a little under my mask as I utter the words.


  The woman looks terrified as she stammers my name, and yet the man she is with seems unfazed. Not even a flicker of emotion or movement. I feel a chill run up my spine into the base of my skull, almost like it was trying to get into my head. The confidence of my earlier remark baulks, but I keep my cool and I mock a bow.

"At your service. Though a couple of bourgeois pigs from the top better have a damn good reason for seeking me out, or you're deaths will no doubt be joining the rumour mill." 

 The man stares at me. "Sit down Mr Roth," he whispers, only his mouth doesn't move. My body does as he asks, even as my mind screams out against the action, "we have much to discuss."

   Yes, this is a lengthy piece of background story. It kind of sets the ground for a mini story I'll be writing for my Escher gang. This particular section will probably be mid story and explains how a couple of characters meet. Obviously, one of them is a bounty hunter by the name of Dengar Roth (Yes, it is a reference to something, try and guess it without the aid of Google :P).

 Anyways, this picture of him might help you out! Follow this embeded link!!
He's going to be my bounty hunter Necromunda (If you hadn't guessed that already, you should probably not have children...jus'sayin)



Thursday, 15 September 2011

Stalling for time

Whats up sports fans?

I'm heading back to Uni on the 22nd of September...
So there will probably be a lot less updating around here for a while...

Thursday, 8 September 2011

3. The princess is in another...'castle.'

 Once the hobby ball gets rolling, it is hard to stop!
I've just left my hobby lair - http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/1314858455/gallery_33843_5272_245443.jpg - and I've made some progress today on a good few projects.

You can check out one of them over at the BolterandChainsword - It's A little modification of Inquisitor Coteaz.

I did crack on with some of my terrain. - http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/1315352776/gallery_33843_5272_338578.jpg

Didn't take any pictures of the power plant mind, as it was just building fences, and attaching the details to the main building.

   I did however manage to build 'The promiscuous princess,' aka, the 'leader' of my little troupe of Underhive scumettes. She looks vastly different to her companions, and most of her visage is obscured, as to mask her true 'noble' identity. She's also rocking a plasma pistol...an actual plasma pistol, not some bodge job like one of the gangers has got. Anyway...pics!!

  As you can see she's not overly flashy, which is kind of the point. The model is from the Dark Age miniatures range (Forsaken War wind #2), with a chaos plasma pistol slapped on. - http://www.rattleheadgames.com/images/products/DAG1023.jpg

   That's all for now you scurvy dogs, be gone with ya!

Until next time


Thursday, 1 September 2011

Post Script.

I've updated my Bolter and chain sword blog. Check it out via this embeded link!

2. The rebellion of a promiscuous princess.

Sorry for the delay in posting ladies, gentlemen and general scum! I'd say I'd been busy, but I don't think I've been busy enough to excuse the negligence I've shown this, and all of my other projects.
However, I do have updates, and stuff to talk about, so that's some way to making amends right?

If not, well, that's too damn bad.

So, first off The Escher gang.

  I have a desperate urge to write some back story to these ladies (and occasionally gentlemen/lady boys), hence the title. I'm thinking of having the leader of the gang be the daughter of some affluent imperial noble from some hive world. This lady will have a certain taste for the Underhive and its many, *ahem,* services. She's one of the only noticeably intelligent people in the gang; this coupled with her access to funding via daddy makes her the perfect candidate to fit somewhere in a gang hierarchy; seemingly at the top, but being manipulated by some other agent. I haven't got round to building this individual yet though so, one to ponder over when I get round to building her and start writing the back story methinks.

Whassat I hear you cry? Pics or it didn't happen!? Introducing the rest of the gang then. No stories as of yet mind. (Apologies for the shoddy camera work and the terrible links...will fix evetually).

Current leader (not the princess :P)



Converted gangers

Close up of the one that has actual painting done on it!!



As you can see, I've just started to paint them...flesh base coats only I'm afraid. At least it is a start.

 Next stop. Terrain!
Me and a couple of friends met up to play Necromunda a few months back. Before we started, we noticed that we did not have nearly enough terrain to play the damn thing. We went away disappointed, but agreed to make some terrain to get a game going.

Aleks made the first (and only other) contribution. This is his effort;


Pretty piss poor if you ask me.

I took this as a challenge. To show him how it was really done!
Here are my WiP pictures of a power plant I've been working on.

Take some insulation foam

Some Plastic Chicken Wire

...With some bits

Add a cooling tower

And Voila!! Needless to say, miles better, and with any luck, it'll look epic when it is finished (if that ever happens).

That's all for now. Hopefully that is a decent start for anyone who has actually wanted to see me post something.

Ciao for now