Monday, 11 November 2013

29. A Road to Glory That Never Seems to Catch a Break. Sisters of Battle Part 12. Completion and Hiatus.


I apologise for my lack of updates recently.
There are numerous reasons for this (but no excuses mind);

I've been distracted by other projects.

  • I've recently got into Blood Bowl in a big way, so I've been painting up a human team to re-acquaint myself with the rules. You can check out my progress here -
  • I've also taken on a lot of other 'real life' projects. I've written/ will be writing about them on my blog which you can find here -
In addition to these, semi-reasonable reasons, the damn cold has kept me out of my garage!

I've managed to find some time and decided to fire up the oil heater and crack on with some hobby.
I want my board, a playable army and some terrain done before it really gets cold/uninhabitable down there!

So I have a fair amount of progress.

I managed to get pictures of my sisters army, in its entirety.
This is the whole 1,500 points, and the penitent engine from my 400 point army.

Battle Sister Squad 1: Melta

Their Ride

Battle Sister Squad 2: Flamer

Their Ride

Battle Sister Squad 3: Multi-melta and storm bolter

Retributor Squad 1: Heavy Bolters (Weapons still detached for painting)

Seraphim Squad 1



Exorcist 1

Exorcist 2

Aegis Quad Gun

Penitent Engine 1 (and only!)

So the backpacks are all glued on (¬_¬), and the basses are done.
The basses are a mix of plasticard cut into square tiles glue on and then messed up a bit.
Then I hit them with a mix of fine sand and cork dust (made from filling cork down).
Anything elevated is made from sticking a piece of cork tile down and repeating said process.

I know all of this is kind of irrelevant now, and I know I'll have to change a fair amount of things (Principally the eviscarator),
but I wanted to post the whole lot in one go; just to say 'Hey guys, look! I finished building an army.'

They now return to their army case until I can write up a new list... make any additions needed, and then they might eventually get painted.

Any feedback welcome! Also any thoughts on the new codex are also welcome.

Peace out!


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