Tuesday, 5 March 2013

5. The End of the Road.

  First off, I guess I should apologise for my lack of updates. Things have happened, but probably not enough to warrant my prolonged absence. But there you go.
  The point is I'm back. And recent D's developments means that this blog will see a few changes to it's format. The main development is the death of the Bolter and Chainsword's blog section.
  For many Year the B&C hosted the blogs of hobbyists, so that other hobbyists could drop by and check on their favourite members work. My power armoured blog 'A Road To Glory,' was amongst those hosted on the B&C.
The (semi) recent update to the site has saw the removal of this section. As such the Road To Glory is no more.

  Needless to say, this saddens me. Admittedly, the blog section was underwhelming and posting in specific forums was far more productive, the B&C blogs were somewhere where one could accumulate all of their work and projects.

In light of this, it is my intention to begin anew the Road to Glory here, on the Underhive Hero. More than likely I'll still post in the wip and hoh forums on the B&C, bit from now on this will be the place to find ALL my hobby projects. This does mean a fair amount of restructuring, so it may take time.

Stay tuned.


PS: First blog post to be published on my phone. Tech Win!