Wednesday, 29 May 2013

7. A Road to Glory: Sisters of Battle part 1. Venit Angeli - By faith and fire.

(Before I start, I don't know what is going on with the font size. Working on a fix. Sorry guys!)

So hi guys. About time I did something around here right? Wrong!

But actually...wait...I am doing something? Oh. My. GLOB.

     My last update was all about the imminent integration of my power armoured blog 'A road to glory' into the Underhive hero... Well, here it is! A Road to Glory. Sisters of Battle part 1!

The Sister of Battle - L'Ordre des Angels (The Order of Angels).
    As part of my 'Armies of the Imperium' collection I am doing a Sisters of Battle army.  I intend to have some sort of background for my 'Armies of the Imperium,' so they end up in the same star system/ immediate vicinity of each other. As such, they'll have some unifying visual theme to them to tie them in with the rest of my models (...ish/within reason/ reasonable effort/ if I can figure one out... I'll come back to that in the future).

    This army was originally my gaming army, as I had a list that I was comfortable with and had enjoyed relatively decent success with. However, the latest iteration of the Codex has made some vital changes making this army no longer viable (Which is something that has happened across the board actually). As such I am in the process of getting a list up and running *cough* and have been for about half a year *cough,* whatdidyousayyouhereticscum?!!

Anyways, I'll start with some creative stuff (lists can get dull right?).

First off some more text.
  If you can't tell/ haven't used Google translate yet, the name 'L'Ordre des Angels' is a bastardisation of Latin and English, meaning The Order of Angels when translated.
The name, and all other stuff in this army will follow the basic patterns/concepts drawn on from the sisters background material and traditional iconography.
To put it simply Sisters = Fleur de Lyses = French = European = Latin origins.
All the slogans and text will be a bastardised of French, Latin and obviously English.
Example you say? DIE HERETIC SCU... NO!. Stop! Bad evangelical armoured killing machine.

  The main two 'war cries' will be 'Cometh the Angels' and 'By Faith and Fire,' or rather 'Venit Angeli' and 'Fide et Igni.'
Maybe a shout and response kind thing. I don't know.

   Having European iconography and linguistic origins, I thought I'd carry on that tie (that GW plays on a fair amount when it comes to the Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Cult), and tie in some more real world religious material.
As such, I wrote a battle hymn for them.
It's called 'Cometh the Angels' and is suitably righteous/violent.

'By the Emperor's will,
Fire reigns down to smite the heretic.
By his eternal grace
Faith will protect the pious.
In his name the Angels cometh.
By faith and fire we triumph.

By Faith and Fire!'

Big chunks of text done for now. Promise!
Second the visuals.

   First off, I don't plan too many major conversions or crazy epic bases... mainly because the entire army is bloody metal! I'll do my best to keep it as fresh as I can... but... well... we'll have to see.

So I guess we should talk colour schemes. (Props to The Bolter and Chainsword for their Sisters of Battle painter).

Fairly simple. Bone armour plates and Purple robes. Gold details. Boltgun will be silver and another colour, yet to be decided...
My problem is tying it in with the rest of my 'Amries of the Imperium.' For some reason I'm drawn to Green as a unifying colour (My Space marines are green, my grey knights have green instead of red details...).

So I came up with a 'Campaign' variant scheme.

Don't know how I feel about it. So I want some feedback here.

You want some more visuals? You cheeky HERE.. *Ahem.*

Well I did drawn up this as part of my project planning process;


   This is one of my banner concepts. You have the traditional Adeptus Ministorum iconography in the Imperial 'I' and the 'Iron Halo.' The Halo image is meant to sort of tie in with the angelic wings around the heart (The Ecclesiarchy being the 'heart' and soul of the Imperial Cult, no?). There is meant to be a sort of glowing Aura/cheesy japanese-esq sun ray pattern coming from the Halo, and the Icon itself is going to floating above some cloud formations..

  No fully painted models I'm afraid... Sorry brahh.
Feel free to leave me some feedback, give me some ideas and/or insult me for being a goody goody loyalist. YOU! HERETIC!
Hey, you can't talk about evangelical militant warrior nuns without a bit of crazy accusations right?

Sunday, 19 May 2013

6. An Honorary Road to Glory

  The title for this post is apt. As of right now 'The Underhive Hero' will be the hub for all of my, DarKHaZZl3's, hobby stuff.
This is the road to glory via the Underhive.
This is death and rebirth.
This is... going to be slow and probably underwhelming.

   Hey! What can I say? At least I am being honest right?

So, the first half of this post will be project outlines and their status.

First off we have the reason 'The Underhive Hero' was created - The other, the specialist, the none power armoured.

  The Escher Gang.
Still a work in progress. I need to build 1 heavy stubber and 1 Juve. I did start painting some of the models, but got stuck on trying to vary ethnicity.

 The Terrain.
Many, many updates for this one.
   I never finished my power plant... it still needs to be pollyfillered and based.  However, I have a far more exciting and useful project to which I am intending to dedicate the vast majority of my time until it is finished. I am making a Gaming board. I will elaborate more on this in a post designed specifically around it, but essentially it will be a 6 x 2 board made from 2 x 2, 9mm thick sheets of MDF, based in fine sand and painted in city like colours.
    I'm looking forward to this quite a bit actually... the 2 x 2 squares allow me to chop and change out square to mix it up a little. Could be fun.

  The Armies.
Space Marines.
   More work than is necessary to be quite honest. I have finally decided on a chapter. They will be the Salamanders. I want them to stand out a bit, so I'm breaking all of my models down, and starting from scratch. No model will be built from box. Conversions/slight changes must be everywhere. DEATH BY CONVERSION/EFFORT OVERLOAD. I can't see this project getting done soon... so don't expect a lot of activity here (but then again, when do you ever?).

The Sisters of Battle.
  Still part painted. I halted the continuation of this project on the premise that I need to write an army list for my little metal ladies. I have a 400 point list (again, elaboration in own post), so we will see how it goes eh?
  I did buy a penitent engine though... I want to die...

The Grey Knights.
  Swallowed the inquisition. Too many possibilities. New army list needed. Army halted until then. As with the sister I've written a 400 point list. I need to make a Las/Plas razor back and then I'm good to go.

The Death Watch.
  Still going at its snail's pace. I decided jump packs didn't suit them... so may Vanguard are in the process of receiving an upgrade involving the Grey Knights teleport packs... It just made sense at the time.

Other 40k.
   On hiatus. Looking to switch my Imperial Guard for Death Corps of Krieg and Gathering things/generating ideas for the Ad Mech. A long way off.

Everything Else.

  NAH! TOUGH! I bought 2 Grey Knight strike cruisers for Battle Fleet Gothic... Does that count?

    So that is where I'm at. Not overly exciting really. I'm Well into making this game board though... I will post step by step updates for those who want to see how it goes. For those that don't, well.... do one! Quick now! Before I set Dengar Roth on yo' ass!

  The second half of this post is boring. All the above needs funds. I am having a clear out of models.
List of models for sale:

I should note that:

(A) EBay is subject to bidding. If you buy direct from me via this the price is fixed as it is shown.
(B) There is some other random stuff on my eBay...
(C) I am mainly looking for cash, but if you have a trade offer, let me know

Whole models


BNIB 2008 Gamesday Captain £20
BNIB 2008 Gamesday Captain £20
BNIB At ease Guardsmen £10
BNIB At ease Guardsmen £10
BNIB At ease Guardsmen £10
# 5 OOP Metal Howling Banshees £15
# Metal Striking scorpions (As per GW box) £15
# Metal Steel Legion Squad (10 w/ Missile launcher, Grenade launcher and Sergeant) £17
OOP Metal Space marine Librarian £5
Metal Steel Legion Officer £3
Metal Space Marine Scout Standing with Sniper £3
Metal Space Marine Scout Kneeling with Sniper £3
Metal Space Marine Scout Kneeling with Sniper £3
Metal Space Marine Close Combat Scout £3


BNIB 2009 Exalted Hero of Chaos £10
# Metal Slann Mage Priest £20
Metal Empire Master Engineer with Repeater Handgun £5
Metal Beast man Bray Shaman 1 £5
OOP Metal Warriors of Chaos Sorcerer £5
Metal Skink priest £3


OOP Metal Flesh Hound (The bulky non scaly one) £5
Escher Ganger £1.50
# 6 Metal Swooping hawks (No wings) £10
5 Seraphim Jump packs £1.40 ea (plus postage) or £5 for all 5 (1 postage charge)
Metal Grey Knight PA Justicar (No NFM) £3
Squat in Exo-Armour 1 £8 (missing bolter arm)

All postage on single models is £2.60 anywhere in the UK unless it has a # in front of it.
# = postage may vary (Packaging size/weight)
If international I sill still post... just expect to pay whatever the fee is.
I will only accept PayPal!

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