Friday, 6 September 2013

25. Random Update part 3 - Charity.

  As the title suggests I did my bit to help out charity.

I spent 99p on an item (The full price tag of the item. No haggling).

Wanna see it?

Near mint condition. Was missing 1 door mount/base, which I promptly bought for £1.54.
Total expenditure £2.53.
Current sales range for a complete set? £50 - 100 +

Yeah. I know.

If you want to know more about it, Google it, or look here -

If you want to try it for yourself, either
A) Look in charity shops and see if you can find a copy/ get the missing components
B) Buy it of ebay (I might even sell this one)
C) All rules/pieces/boards can be found in printable format here -
PS. You are welcome


24. A Road to Glory. Sisters of Battle part 10. Rank and File, Filed as Completed (ish).

Hey guys, I'm back!

If you've read my previous post I did some damage to my thumb, which fortunately has healed now.
In truth it healed a while back, but I went on holiday to Burnham-On-Sea... it was a'ight... never mind eh?

Anyway. Updates!
You don't want them?
Sounds a lot like how I'd react to the Ecclesiarchy ramming their media down my throat...
Hang on... I am the Eccles...


...And that's enough of that.


  In a previous post I was complaining about the Uriah Jacobus model.
well, I finally came up with a solution/ a couple of possibilities;


 Simple conversion really. A bit of plasticard tubing, a sisters banner and my custom shotgun on a redemptionist body.
I'm not sure about which head I prefer; The original redemptionist skull with priestly hat is pretty creepy, or the manic, on-fire flagellent head which is, well, MANIC!
Nothing says Religion more than death and mania.
Tough choice.
Opinions on this would be most welcome (I'll try and get a better picture of the faces).

On to the other HQ conundrum... St. Celestine.

My main issues with Celestine were;
A) Her weapons - not a fan of the 'flaming sword' concept. Would much prefer two weapons/ remove the stupid dove thing.
B) Her cherubs - I wanted her to fly, but look similar in design to my seraphim.
C) Her base - I wanted her to remain somewhat airborne and have a fairly decorative, yet not too ostentatious, base.

I think I got it.... what do you reckon?

Stuck with the conversion I showcased previously, but finally got round to adding a base (the weird thing shes pinned to is the candle stick murder weapon from cluedo, but painted gold).
I intend, like many of my sisters models, to add candles and all that jazz to the basses; that stick will certainly be getting one to hide the pin.
The two models on the base are just some old redemptionist models I happened to have lying around.

HQ's - Done.

Now, back to basics; the rank and file.

Nothing much to say really. Worked on the remaining two Battle sister squads:

Flamer squad;

Flexible/Home objective squad;

  The keen eyed of you may have noticed the Sister Superior in both squads is identical.
I am currently awaiting delivery of the out of production Cannoness with combi- flamer to be one of my superiors.
She is the last infantry model that needs to be completed for my 1,500points list to be completed.

Last stage here is adding back packs/ heavy weapons, and then I move on to refurbishing my tank pool 

I Hate tank tracks.... so who knows when that will happen!

Cheer for reading guys. Comments and stuff welcome!