Monday, 21 October 2013

28. An Annoyed and Excited Journey Along a Road to Glory. Sisters of Battle part 11. The Last Superior.

It is here! Huzzah!

 I have managed to get my hands on a copy of the new Sisters book. I have yet to read it though.
So for the time being, here is what was to be my final Sister superior

Found her on ebay. Didn't come with an icon.
I might replace the sword with something more flashy at a later date, but it will do for now.

Time to do those backpacks.
And read the new book


27. Follow The Grey-Concreate-Slabbed Road. Building a Gaming Board part 6.

Sooo, about that update...

And as usual it will come in fits and starts. Expect an immediate update on my Sisters of Battle.

  I managed to sort some board out. I've finished the pavement on the two straight road pieces.
I wrote up a little step by step if you want to steal/borrow/use the concept for your own stuff.

You will need;
  • PO210 00/H0 Self Adhesive Paving - found here: - I suggest about 4 packs; two per road. They are well worth it to be honest as the can be used for basing too. I used them on my Necromunda gang
  • PVA glue - While the tiles are self adhesive, the adhesive quality is poor. Glue them down.
  • Tea Stirrers (See previous post about making the curb)
Seriously. It takes about an four hours to do one board.

First off take a look at the slabs.

You'll be using the long slab, and the short slab. Put the squares and curves to one side.

Step two.

Using the lines you should already have on you board as a guide, put a row for long tiles out.
This should be about 5 long slabs.

Attach a curb piece (cut as before) as you go.

Step three

Unless you want a uniform running row of tiles, you need to mix it up a bit.
Using 4 long slabs, and two short slabs make another row.

Step Four
Until you get halfway.

Step Five

Flip the board round and do the same on the other side.
This allows that half of the pavement to dry.

Step Six & Seven

Flip. Repeat.


I love the way they look. Sure it takes a fair whack of time, but it is quite addictive and therapeutic.

A couple of tips;
  • Make sure to straighten each row as you go,
  • Have a cloth or sponge to soak up excess glue is necessary,
  • Save detailing (damage, weathering) until after it is dry,
  • Have a jewellers saw handy just in case you manage to go over.
This week I'll attempt to do some of the curved road piece in between bouts with the new Sisters list.

All feedback welcome.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

26. Mobile Frustration

Hey guys,
  This update comes from my phone. Something to pass the time on the bus.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I have found my hobby efforts frustrated of late.

Firstly, I thought I had misplaced my heavy bolter Retributors power packs, only to realise that they are the same as normal sisters.

Secondly, just as I have finished my sisters army (building at any rate), GW release a new codex! Admittedly it is a PDF only, but an update never the less. Back to the drawing board? Only time will tell.

I have been hobbying in absence of updating my armies.

I did some work on my gaming board... but I'm saving the update on that for when I've finished the current stage.

I have also done some work on my Human blood bowl team!
So expect an update on that soon.

Until then.