Wednesday, 20 November 2013

33. Random Update part 5. Dirodrama.

I started work on a diorama that I've had planned for a long time.
It will incorporate an objective marker I've also had planned for some time.


That is literally all I'm saying about it.


32. A Sticky White Mess. Building a Gaming Board part 7.


Excuse the terrible joke. Filler does make quite the mess mind you.

So, as promised, updates on the board.



As you can see they are pretty much done.
As with my other board tiles I'll probably add another layer of sand on top of the filler+sand combination just for good measure.
Then it is just a matter of neatening up some bits here and there and boom! painting...
(The running joke of my hobby life).


Friday, 15 November 2013

Filler, or a lack of.

I was going to finish basing my board over the course of the next couple of days...

...have no poly filler.



Monday, 11 November 2013

31. A Strong Learning Curve. Building a Gaming Board part 6.

Following in my rich vein of form (and terrible puns)...

This update is about the board.
So. If you want to follow along;

You will need:
  • PO210 00/H0 Self Adhesive Paving - found here: http://www.metcalfem...adhesive-paving
  • PVA glue - While the tiles are self adhesive, the adhesive quality is poor. Glue them down.
  • Tea Stirrers (See previous post about making the curb)
  • Curved curb pieces (See previous post about curved curb pieces; I made a press mould of mine)
Lets do this!

So the first thing I wanted to do was figure out how exactly to build the bit where the two straight pavements meet.

This involved a lot of terrible prototypes, this was the best (before the one I was eventually to use).

The main problem here is that the pavement slabs don't match the same pattern as the pavement pattern I have previously used.
So I came up with a better idea;

These are the two slab patterns used to make my pavement. I've glued them to a piece of paper, and cut them out.
this way I can check the width of my pavement at any time.

Using this, I came up with this, which incidentally is...

Step 1;

Attach the above to the board. DO NOT GLUE ANYTHING DOWN (This is just in case you find something doesn't fit/ does fit better when you personally attempt this).

That weird curved bit? That is the 'frame' the tiles come with. The width is the same as a narrow slab.
This makes your template/boundary for the curved part of the pavement.

Step 2;

Using these boundaries, build the pavement as normal until you reach the apex of the corner.

Step 3;

This is where it starts to get complicated. You can no longer lay down equal length of tile.
Jostling the slabs until they fit can be quit tricky, and they will never fit exactly right, so you kinda just have to man up and deal with it not being perfect (this made me a very sad panda).

If you follow my pictures bellow you should be reasonably okay.

Step 4;

Step 5;

Step 6;

Glue it all down, except for the 'weird curved bit.'

As previously stated, when I did this I found some tiles didn't fit exactly right, and I managed to tweak my original design a little to make it fit better.
You should be able to replace the 'weird curved bit' with the relevant slabs, as per the slab pattern that has been used throughout.
The only exception to this is the apex of the curve.

This should be made from the apex of the 'weird curved bit.' It may have to cut into a tile a little to fit snugly.

See bellow.

Step 7;

Glue inside curb down and carry on with pavement.

Inisde curve done!

The outside curve should be roughly the same.

However, if the above seemed way too fiddly for your liking, I prepared a different way of doing it (which, due to my outside curve being slightly larger than my inside curve, I had to use).

Step 8;

Prepare outside curve.
To do this I super glued the pieces down on to a piece of paper first, and then just cut it out.

Step 9;

Glue this curved piece down.

You need to match the right angle corner with where the two curbs meet on the inside.
When you do this there will be a large amount of space between the piece you've just glued down, and the curved curb. Don't worry about it.
We fix that in...

Step 10;

Remember that 'weird curved bit? It kinda makes a comeback.

(Apologies for the upside down picture).
Basically take that corner and cut it to size.

I know it doesn't fit in with the rest of the pavement, but it you replaced it with slabs you would break the slab pattern anyway, so it is kind of a no win situation anyway.

I think I plan on putting something here. Suggestions as to what are welcome. So far all I can think of is a crash barrier.
Anyway, moving on to....

Step 11;

Carry on with the pavement as per usual, adding the outside curb.

And there you have it!
Curved pavement complete.

Next step is sand (which there wont be a step by step for because I have already covered it in a previous post), and then it is onto painting (and maybe some more detailing).

That is all for one day haha :P.

C&C welcome!


30. Random Update; that from this point out will have a name, 4: Blood Bowl! Part 2 (technically).

YES! Technically! Blood Bowl was my first post in the 'Random Update' Series! So in your FACE!


Or something along those lines.

So yeah, I've done some Blood Bowl stuff.

I got back into the idea after Blood Bowl the PC game came up on the Humble Bundle a month or so back.

Here is my prototype;

Not a fantastic job, I know.
A) Prototype,
B) Table Top standard

Since then I've started painting the rest.
I also managed to get my hands on a Griff Oberwald and Varg Ghoulchewer, so both the Orks and the Humans have a star player to liven things up a bit.

Do any of you guys play Blood Bowl?
Let me know/tell me what you think of it/the PC game/my work



29. A Road to Glory That Never Seems to Catch a Break. Sisters of Battle Part 12. Completion and Hiatus.


I apologise for my lack of updates recently.
There are numerous reasons for this (but no excuses mind);

I've been distracted by other projects.

  • I've recently got into Blood Bowl in a big way, so I've been painting up a human team to re-acquaint myself with the rules. You can check out my progress here -
  • I've also taken on a lot of other 'real life' projects. I've written/ will be writing about them on my blog which you can find here -
In addition to these, semi-reasonable reasons, the damn cold has kept me out of my garage!

I've managed to find some time and decided to fire up the oil heater and crack on with some hobby.
I want my board, a playable army and some terrain done before it really gets cold/uninhabitable down there!

So I have a fair amount of progress.

I managed to get pictures of my sisters army, in its entirety.
This is the whole 1,500 points, and the penitent engine from my 400 point army.

Battle Sister Squad 1: Melta

Their Ride

Battle Sister Squad 2: Flamer

Their Ride

Battle Sister Squad 3: Multi-melta and storm bolter

Retributor Squad 1: Heavy Bolters (Weapons still detached for painting)

Seraphim Squad 1



Exorcist 1

Exorcist 2

Aegis Quad Gun

Penitent Engine 1 (and only!)

So the backpacks are all glued on (¬_¬), and the basses are done.
The basses are a mix of plasticard cut into square tiles glue on and then messed up a bit.
Then I hit them with a mix of fine sand and cork dust (made from filling cork down).
Anything elevated is made from sticking a piece of cork tile down and repeating said process.

I know all of this is kind of irrelevant now, and I know I'll have to change a fair amount of things (Principally the eviscarator),
but I wanted to post the whole lot in one go; just to say 'Hey guys, look! I finished building an army.'

They now return to their army case until I can write up a new list... make any additions needed, and then they might eventually get painted.

Any feedback welcome! Also any thoughts on the new codex are also welcome.

Peace out!