Thursday, 19 December 2013

37. Random Update part 7. DIORAMAAAAA (which will now have its own post sequence).

I know I said it would get its own title... but there is a lot of work to do on this, so I probably should...

While I was in Grey mode I did some more paintwork on my diorama.



Thats all the base work done really. Need to detail it and acquire/build/paint the models.
Quite fond of it already, especially knowing whats going to be happening on it!.

Anyone out there who reads this got some objective markers/dioramas they'd like to share?
I'd love to see them!

Post them in the comments, or hit me up on Twitter (See the 'various areas of DH on the left sidebar).


36. Follow the Grey Slab Road. Building a Gaming Board part 9.

So... much....grey...

Yup, I've been painting my board some.
It doesn't really look like I've done much (When in reality I've spent about 5-8 hours on it... I've lost count. I hate life).

So I thought Id share some bits and bobs with you.

First off is my tests cheme for the paveing slabs (The set on the right).


Pretty simple.

- Undercoat black (Chaos black/ Any acyrlic paint),

- Paint dark grey (Any will do. I used Black acrylic and white crylic. But the GW base dark grey would be fine),

- Paint light grey (may require 2 coats; My mix was somewhere between codex and fortress grey/ Mianly white with a hint of black = Pavement grey),

- Wash with watered down black, making sure it goes into the crevices. The while still wet use some tissue paper to 'dab' off most of the paint.
This will leave the paint in the crevices and give the slab a darker tone, with a dappled effect on it.

- Drybrsuh light grey (Might have to do it twice; pavement grey),

- Very light Drybrush light-er grey (pavement grey with more white).


  Yeah, it is not a masterpeice of paintwork, but I think it looks a'ight. Especially when they'll be a shed load of them.
Adds a bit of texture prior to any detailing that might get done.

I've already done the base grey on all the pavements;

Looks a bit shitty at the moment. But it does end up like the first picture, so I'm okay with it.
Glad they're out of the way.

Things left to do;
- Finish slabs (Wash black, Dab, Drybrush x 3),
- Finish road (Very light blue-grey drybrush),
- Paint details (Drains, man-holes),
- Paint lampposts,
- Clean up edges (Black boarder).

And that should do it.


Monday, 9 December 2013

35. This seems almost identical to my last post. Random Update part 6. Diorama (No it will not get its own series).

Yup, you guessed it. Black. Grey. Copy. Paste. Done.



Can you tell I had a lot of the same paint lying about ;)


34. I Could Have Used a 50 Shades of Grey Pun, but I Didn't Want to. Building a Gaming Board part 8.

Waheeeyyy. I'm back

    I had some minor problem with my internet.
That is what happens when you let a hive ganger set it up for you.

Or in this case, Virgin. My modem died in short.
Got a new 'hub.'

So on with the show!

Here is the whole board, under coated.


And here it is after 2 coats of grey


A bit patchy, but subsequent layers and potentially washes should sort it out.
Nothing else to say...