Tuesday, 28 January 2014

43. I Don't Even Know. Part ?!

This was meant to be a post dedicated to a new project...

These pictures of a Tyranid test model for an army that someone close to me was going to collect; something we were going to do together.
Recent events make the likelihood of this somewhat ambiguous at best, and impossible at worst.

I was really looking forward to the future of this project, and everything associated with it.
I couldn't just let it slip away into nothingness, so I've posted it here.
This way something will exist to immortalise what has been lost.
I still hold out hope of some form of reconciliation, but again.
At best, at worst.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

42. A Road to Glory. Sisters of Battle Part 13.


Yes They are back! The nuns with guns have returned!!

I finally got round to painting a test model.




The light washes most of the highlights out.
That being said, I want to bring the bone up 1 shade, and the purple on the tabbard could do with more layers and a brighter final highlight.

But for a proof of concept I'm relativity happy.

Ignore the base though... painting marble is another thing entirely.
Something that will require some practise and experimentation.

But yeah.
The Sisters! They Live!!!


41.Random Update part 9. Killing Them With Kindness (and a Little Spite).

So yeah, I can't be arsed to paint lamppost right now.
Go figure!

   In the meantime I'm painting all sorts of odds and ends... as you saw by my recent completed dwarf.
I guess this is just to keep my mind on painting, without drowning my enthusiasm with painting just one same process over and over.
That and ya'know, little pieces for my gaming board are not all that exciting.

Anyway, here is another little side project.

I posted this on the Bolter and Chainsword a few days back.
Unlike there, I feel I can go into more detail here.

Story time!

  A considerable amount of time ago I had a group of friends.
We'd meet up regularly and game, drink and generally be merry.
One day it all just stopped. Me and another of my friends were frozen out.

Snap back to not too long ago. I start a new relationship with someone which opens my eyes to why all this happened.
And it is petty.
And just a dick move all round.

Justifiably I was angry, but as time goes this anger has faded.
I got the vast majority of those good folk back in my life now.
But I am still a little bitter.

One day, my girlfriend mentions that the instigator of this cluster fuck asked her to paint some models.
To which I replied 'fuck that shit.'

But then I thought, you know what?
I'll paint them. And well too!

I'm kind of being the bigger man.... but not really.
At the end of the day these models will have been painted by me, and everyone will know that.
I think that will be more irritating than anything; receiving praise knowing it is all down to someone you tired to freeze out.

The models in question are Space Marines of the Ultramarines, second company.

So here is the progress so far;



I managed to get the 'prototype' miniature basically finished.

So yeah. A few touch ups, and nine more to go.



Monday, 13 January 2014

40. Random Update part 8. Progress Dwarfed by Procrastination. PUN! Maybe!

  Yup, I guess the sentence makes sense....just?

Well this is the cause of my lull in progress;



This post shall be therefore be a Hall of Honour post (and maybe the first of my Fantasy posts)!!!



Saturday, 11 January 2014

39. Lights, Camera, Lamppost! Building a Gaming Board part 11.

Game Grumps sapped all my painting time last night.

  I mean, I did do 'some'

 So here it is;


Just the light done basically.

Recipe is fairly simple.
Paint the area you want to be light a light grey (I used Astronomican, because I'm still living in the past),
Next paint most of the section you just painted in a 1:1 mix of that Grey and White,
Then paint another smaller square inside that square of almost pure white (judge for yourself on this one).

After than apply a glaze of Vallejo transparent yellow (It is the same yellow I used on my Space Marine a while back),
Once this is dry add a wash of Sepia (I used Gryphone/ however the hell you spell it).


Once it dries you're done.

Since this picture I've blended the colours in together a bit more, gloss varnished it and added some 'glass' highlights.

The blended colours are made using Vomit brown and Golden Yellow (using Scorched Brown and White for darkening and lightening respectively).
Gloss varnish and add some 'reflection' type white highlights, and you're done.

You know what? Seeing as I'm feeling so goddamn generous, I'll take a quick picture


You can just make out the white lines... but the light kinda washes out the rust effect.
Either way, it looks good from a distance.

Just need to finish that cable and I'm done...
well, done with one of the 5 total.



Tuesday, 7 January 2014

38. Urban Rust. Building a Gaming Board part 10.

  Between Christmas, laziness and my phone herping and derping Updates have been sparse.

I finally managed to fix my phone today, so I can finally upload pictures again.

Less offensive introduction than usual? Must try harder...

So yes, updates.
Gaming board again.

I decided that I wanted a bit of ware and tear on my board.
This will mainly be on the paving slabs...but it will be done after I've painted them to their 'peak' condition.

So in the meantime I thought I'd start my lampposts.

How does one wear and tear a lamppost?
Aside from physical damage (light not working, smahsed glass, missing panels...) from what I've seen lmapposts tend to be painted.
So the obvious basic damage is worn and chipped paint... which leads to rust


I tried to emulate this for my own (albeit a bit more severe/ different colours)



They've all been rusted up, but this one is my test subject for futher detailing.
Right now it just needs the light/ glass section finishing off, and a bit more brown/ rust stains.

Any opinions on rust welcome, weather they are about mine here, or about painting weathering in general.
Personally I'm not fond of it in most cases.
Done right/ thematically and it can add great character to a project.
Done wrong and it just makes something look way too busy.