Saturday, 8 February 2014

44. ...OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. 'It Came From Under the Mountain.' Dwarfs part 2.

Welcome back to Underhive Hero.
Though in regards to today's post, under the mountain would probably be more fitting.
(And yes this is part 2. The thane, my first Hall of honour post, was technically part 1).

Yup, with a new army book and some new models due for release, I thought I'd dig out my dwarf army and finally get round to doing something with it.
It has been sitting in various boxes for about 5 years now in a half built state.
Time to amend that a little.
(This theme or restarting armies and not finishing anything is getting a little over done, yes? I know.

After painting that random thane/lord, I decided to do something a bit more ambitious/ useful.

And what else do dwarfs have if not big ass  Anvil of Doom?

Still a work in progress. I'll post more when I get round to painting.

But for now, enjoy the pictures