Tuesday, 29 April 2014

53. Kaboom (Monotone Voice). 40K Urban Terrain - Gun Emplacement part 2.

Cookies to the person who can guess where that quote (kaboom) is from.
The 'monotone voice,' bit refers to how it is said.

Moving on.

Before I paused my hobbying for real life stuff, I had managed to do a lot more to my entrenched gun.

Considering I haven't touched it since, I thought I'd put it up in an attempt to get me hyped for it.
Bearing in mind 'hyped' here means making a ton of sand bags...


Here is a frontal picture with the added details. Much better?




Finished base, without the sand bags on obviously.


So yeah.
A few sand bags around the wheels and in front of the walls, and this beast will be ready for painting.

Therein lies another problem. I want the Gun colours to match that of my PDF's.
I haven't started my PDF, so I have no idea what scheme this will actually end up being.

I'm trying to incorporate green into all my imperial armies (excluding the Marines Malevolent).
The Salamanders are Green,
My Grey Knights will have Green Heraldry,
The Sisters of Battle will have Green tints to their bases and green campaign markings.

What of the Imperial guard?

Any suggestions welcome.
As usual drop me a line here, or on the Bolter&Chainsword.
Alternatively via Twitter - @DarKHaZZl3.

Thanks for reading guys. I know you are out there!


52. Greys and Greens. 40K Urban Terrain - Crashed Landspeeder part 3.

Hi guys.
Real life stuff attended to, I am back!

I've got a handful of updates for you over the next few days, both here and on the Bolter&Chainsword.

Last time I posted the finished Land Speeder (pre-painting).

I decided on Salamanders.
Firstly, to get some practise in before I embark on my army,
and second, I thought the green would bland better with the vast amount of grey.
The alternative was doing it in Marines Malevolent colours.
I think the yellow would have jarred with the grey.

This kind of escalated quickly. I really enjoy painting green!



What do you guys think?
Do you reckon green was the right choice?
How do you think the piece is looking overall?

Either comment here, or on the Bolter&Chainsword.
Alternatively hit me up @DarkHaZZl3 on Twitter.

I've only finished the grey bit.
Everything else needs work

I could go into detail as to what needs doing where, but I'll let the next painting update explain that for me!

Until then (or rather, until my next post which will have nothing to do with this Land Speeder) Ciao!