Monday, 23 June 2014

63. It Came From the Underhive. Escher Gang Part 4.

Welcome back to the Underhive you general scummy individuals! (And all the normal people, you're welcome too I guess)

More painting.

I'm doing little bits at a time.
Still can't fully get into the groove, so I'm painting in between playing games (mainly turns in civilization 5 and rounds in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare).

Moving on!

Terrible picture. Going for a very pale Caucasian look (think Ginger stereotype; Super pale and bright orange hair. That is essentially the plan).
Funnily enough she nicknamed 'The Slayer,' after the Dwarves haha.

Next up is Zoe

Yup. I did some more work on her. I'm basing her look on the fatigues the Zoe from Firefly wears during the war (you can catch her in it in the very first episode).
As the rebels we're called the 'Brown Coats,' I wanted it to be brown. Has to settle for a tan kind of colour for the base. I imagine it will darken with progressive shading.
The red Shoulder pad is a nod to her scarf and future outfits in the show.

I'm undecided on how I feel about it. I like that it is subtle, but I don't think it is striking enough.
Thoughts here would be appreciated!

Another skin tone for you guys...

Very red/brown. This is the base colour for 'Mongolian' according to the skin tone guide I linke din my previous post.
It builds from brown, through red and ends up pale flesh.

If it works, I'll be amazed.

The last picture for this post is this girl...

I haven't actually painted the gang member that much, but I have finished the rusted up barrel she is hiding behind.
I used Tamiya clear Green to emulate some toxic goop leaking from the bullet holes, thought I think it could do with a couple of extra layers and maybe some highlights.

I though it might give the scene a bit more of a wasteland feel.
It is the Underhive after all.

That is all for this post

Thoughts so far?
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Sunday, 15 June 2014

62. It Came From the Underhive. Escher Gang Part 3. Diversity: The Underhive Edition.

The Underhive never sleeps.  
Seriously, I struggle.
So I managed to start painting.

I knew the task of painting different non-white skin tones was beyond my skill set.
Go. Google! -

^ I've been using this. I'm fairly happy with the outcome so far.

There has been far too much text in my latest posts, so we'll move on to pictures shall we?

The picture is a bit dark, but it is meant to be 'African American' from the link above.
I thought it the skin tone suited the model. It's a bad ass woman with a shotgun. This instantly made me think of Zoe form Firefly.
(If you've never seen firefly either go watch it immediately or never come back! No, stay, but seriously, I recommend you watch it).

The next model I started was on of the Juves.
I'm Nicknaming this one tank girl (because of the tank top...inventive right!)

The skin tone is just based and shaded at the moment.
the vest is pretty much done. might add some extra highlights, and the base is finished, just needs to be cleaned up.

The gold-esq drain will be the technique I used when I finally get around to painting the details on my gaming board.

That was it for session 1.
I did do some work on the 'Promiscuous Princess' but I really messed it up.
So that one is being started from the ground up.

until next time!


Saturday, 14 June 2014

61. A Marble Finished Road to Glory. Sisters of Battle Part 16.

Woooo. Painting marble is so much fun!

Sarcasm does not work on the internet you say?
Well then...

Yeah. It sucks.

I decided to try my hand at painting marble for the basses my Sisters of Battle.

We start with two types of undercoat.
Black and white.


Quick comment. Black doesn't work very well... moving on.
I honestly didn't know what I was doing here, except for using a lot of layers... so I googled.
Oh how I googled.

I viewed many a tutorial, and then I found this - seemed reasonable so I thought I'd give it a go

Using the colours in the guide (or close enough at any rate) I came up with this for the first step.


I know. The picture isn't that helpful.
But seriously. There is no easy way to photograph that thing!!

I thought it looked like a good start. Nothing like the guide really, but still and reasonable beginning.

So then I moved on to the veins and glaze/washes...


Looking back it isn't really that bad. I think using such a dark brown glaze was a mistake, and I should have used such a less vivd purple.
I think in future attempts I'll use something darker/ mix it with brown.

however, at the time I made the stupid attempt of carrying on instead of calling it a day....


Totally ruined it.

So there you have it!
Hobbing isn't always bells whistles and happy days.
Sometimes painting ends in abject failure.
Though I have learned a thing or two.

Back to the drawing board with the marble then!

If you have experience in the art of painting marble effects then please, drop me a line.
Also, any other comments, suggestions, criticisms and all that jazz more than welcome.

You know the drill by now; Follow the blog, leave me a comment or hit me up @DarkHaZZl3 on Twitter.

Taanks for reading.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

60. It came from the Underhive. Escher gang part 2. A blast from the Underhive's past.

This post takes me back.

If you want to skip the history lesson, tough! I wrote it in bright pink! TRY AND MISS THAT!!
(oh? you can scroll past the pink bit...fuck...).

I originally created the Undehive Hero with a view to showcase my Escher Gang.
The Bolter and Chainsword (my then main posting format) was only a power armour friendly board, so it needed a new home, and I just can't seem to take to Dakka Dakka.

That is how The Underhive Hero got it's name; the undehive is where all the general scum and villainy of the 40k universe make their living. It seemed approriate to cross this the concept of the Underclass/working class Hero (I'm quite left wing).

Anyway in post, 2. The rebellion of a promiscuous princess, I introduced my Escher gang.
The were a proper rag tag bunch then; Poorly based, painted without any reference to work from...

Then the project got abandoned. That is, until my hobby rebirth.
I have talked about how my attitude towards hobbying changed, and it is with my Escher gang, and my Sisters of Battle where I started my hobby journey...again.
So about two years after my first post I started a new post series; 17. It came from the Underhive. Escher gang part 1. Retro reboot and refit.
The models were stripped, cleaned and re-based.

And then I left it there. I didn't see any point in painting them.
If there is a theme throughout my hobby life it is tragedy and apathy.
I got super stoaked doing these when I was with my ex.
After we ended that passion died a little.

Luckily. It kinda came back

So here they are.
Undecorated and ready to cause some fucking havoc, in a city near you (though some 39 millenniums in the future).

The concept, as it was all that time ago, is to have a collection of miniatures that breaks the 'Caucasian centric' view of the 40k universe.
We're talking about a universe that could have evolved in any direction.
It makes sense that Ethnicity would be extremely diverse (though admittedly completely different to the Ethnic diversities of our reality).

Anyway. I will be attempting to diversify my Escher gang.

In addition to this it will be a mix of the Guady/80's esq look that the traditional Escher gangs have, and that Slaaneshi cults also have.
For variety though, I thought I'd throw in some more subtle colours to represent the Gang members who are not so heavily influenced by their peers and/or side more with the 'Promiscuous Princess.'

Enough words.
I have started painting these models. So expect updates soon.

If you play Necromunda I'd love to hear from you, in fact, if you do any war gaming I'd love to hear from you.
Also if you have an comments, criticisms, suggestions, advice, or just general chatter, do that too.

You can comment on this blog post (or any other blog post relevant to the topic you want to talk about), or hit my up on twitter @DarkHaZZl3
If you're already a member of The Bolter and Chainsword, I'm perfectly happy for you to talk/leave feedback on my WiP post there; just keep if board relevant!
It can be found here - DarKHaZZl3's armies of the Imperium - a WiP

Thanks for reading guys and girls and xeno's scum.
Until next time


59. The evrsoslowanddamnexpensive Mustering of Titan. Battlefleet Gothic - Grey Knights part 2.

Attention on deck!!
Just a short sharp update for this post.
I'll thrown in the usual conversation gubbins in the next post, which will land about half an hour after this one; the joys of drafting in advance!

In my previous post I mentioned I'd started to actively collect Battlefleet Gothic.

Getting hold of these miniatures is proving to be an expensive task.



I got the core of my fleet!
The big white thing (not my choice of colours) is a Battle barge I got from an auction on evilbay.
I managed to get all the  Cobra class escorts I need.
Luckily I already owned two grey knight strike cruisers from back in the day.

Now for the rest!