Sunday, 31 August 2014

67. One Step Closer to TOUCHDOWN! - Blood Bowl Part 4.

What did I say? WHAT DID I SAY?

Update ^_^

Pretty much finished the Ork prototype.
He is, like his human prototype counter part, number 6 #No6

As always with these things, it looks a bit brighter in person. I really need to set up some sort of photograph booth.

What needs to be done;
The base needs work, The green needs some extreme highlights, the grey needs some shading work and other bits of detailing here and there need doing....

Just a bit then! Jeez!

Comments and constructive criticism always welcome.



Thursday, 28 August 2014

66. Procrastiantion; A Device for Instigating Painful Time Travel - Blood Bowl! Part 3.

Crazy stupid title && MOAR #ThrowbackThursday

Blood Bowl! You heard!

I know, I should be painting other things. Basically I decided if I was going to start painting again I need to wind back into it. I didn't want to jump into a model at a sub par standard.
So procrastination? kind of, but for a decent reason.

Painful time travel? Certainly.
I'm painting an Ork test miniature. If you can cast your mind back to my first Blood Bowl post, 385 days ago (August 8th), you'll probably be able to gather why this isn't the most comfortable. I shouldn't be the one painting these.
But I am.
I was always likely to... but I didn't want it to be under these circumstances.

Life kicks you when your down. But then, isn't that the rules in Blood Bowl?

So here is the prototype Ork so far;

Despite this inauspicious sounding start I really enjoyed painting this guy so far.
I've always found layer Red's and Green's a therapeutic process... and I really like the way he's looking so far.

He is a bit 'clean.' Maybe I'll address that later.
Also, 'll list the colour recipes later, when it is finished and I'm happy with the complete article.

Feedback welcome guys! Don't be shy!!
It would be great to heard about your experiences with Blood Bowl, Painting, and sharing your hobby with you SO/ Former SO.

Hit the comments bellow, or hit me up on Twitter @DarKHaZZl3

This guys is not too far off finished so expect another update or two on him soon!


65. Throwback Thursday - Inqusitor Coteaz Part 1.


Yep. I'm revisiting an old project (pretty much the theme of my life right?).
And this, the first post is technically the third?
Throw Reboot on the title, and we're back to square 1!

Ramble = Done.

 For those of you who don't follow my Work in Progress thread on The Bolter and Chainsword this all makes no sense right now.
So first off, you should go check that shit out you deek! (Link on the left < of the page).
Secondly, and possibly more importantly (as both you and I are lazy no doubt) I'll recap it all here for you.

Back on the 9th of September 2011 I decided to bring all of my various Work in Progress threads under one title.
To keep it simple and clean.

My first post (post introduction) was the start of my Inquisitor Coteaz for my current army in progress at the time; The Grey Knights.

I decided I hated the current models pose; The Cyber-Eagle really bugged me, and his hammer was not epic enough.

So I cut him up a bit.

Afterwards I wondered how I'd represent the Eagle and such (#WYSIWYG).

Eventually I came upon this concept; sod the Eagle!

So this is what I came up with...


This depicts Coteaz later in his career; the trials of being a Malleus Inquisitor start to take its toll.
The constant battles with Daemons and the forces that besiege the Imperium have left him worn.
His signature artefacts lost or destroyed, he now relies on his impressive psychic abilities to forge onward. But it isn't enough.
He has to delegate power across the sector he occupies which eases the burden, allowing him to travel more freely.
Yet with the fall of the Cadian gate the forces of the warp grow ever more powerful.
Coteaz finds that, in order to keep up, the rigid puritan views he once held are starting to crack and crumble. He has to use methods that in his prime he denounced as heretical.
His force staff is imbued with psychic technology that far surpasses the levels of human intellect.
this potent weapoin amplifies his powers allowing him to strike with the same power he once did with his hammer, while at the same time attuning his senses to the reality that surrounds him (This for game purposes would serve to replace the thrice dammed Cyber-Eagle).

Foreshadowing done!

That is kind of as far as I got.
With the new Grey Knight codex out I  decided to start painting him.
I wanted to paint him in line with the 'ageing' idea in this potential future; aged, battered, needing rest and repair.

So I prepared him for painting...


and I picked up some Vallejo Liquid metals for the job.


Anyone used these?

Well I hadn't, and still haven't.

I did learn a few things though...
Liquid metal is alcohol based.... and has a bunch more metal chips in than your metallic acrylics.
What does this mean?

A ) You can't thin the paint with water. It doesn't react well with the alcohol, or the metal.
You end up with dry paint and a brush covered in stiff metal chips..
On that note
B ) It is really hard to clean in water because of this.
C ) Also if water makes constant contact with the paint in the pot it will rust. Seriously.

So you need alcoholic thinner and alcoholic cleaner.

This throws up another problem
You can't use sable brushes. The combination of alcohol and heavy metal will ruin them.

So I've now purchased the thinner, the cleaner and a set of high quality synthetic brushes...
Should have Googled that a bit better the first time round...

Anyway that is it for now.
I have another post going up almost immeditly after this, so check it out.


Sunday, 24 August 2014

64. Ya-ho! I did it! 40k Urban Terrain - Crashed Lanspeeder part 5. Project Completed

Welcome back to The Underhive Hero.

I know it has been to long my friends (and enemies and passers by), but at last, we have some progress.

A short one, but for me, personally, a very satisfying one.




A finished piece of terrain! *Cheers*

I'm hopefully planning to keep this painting ball rolling.
On my desk currently is the crashed Aquilla lander, Coteaz and my Ork Bloodbowl team.

If these go down well, I'll move on to my Escher Gang again and try and finish my Human Bloodbowl team.

There has been a lot of changes in the world of 40k since I started this Piece of terrain;
New Rules, New Grey Knights...

I'm in the process of cobbling together a wargamming group, so hopefully that will drive my urge to hobby.
Indeed this is the fruit of those labours so far.

Stay tuned for more updates, and/or/please head over to The science of selling yourself short for my 'IRL' blog and also to catch up on 'The Cardboard Cartographer,' my board gaming blog, which is back to updating fairly regularly (fingers crossed).

In the mean time please feel free to leave my some feedback on this, and/or other stuff on The Underhive Hero.
Comment on this post, on my Armies of the Imperium Wip thread on the Bolter and Chainsword, or hit me up @DarKHaZZl3 on Twitter.

Thanks for reading.


Sunday, 3 August 2014

So about July....

So, this happened....

Also, I got a Nintendo Wii U and my very own bow.
As in, bow and arrow. Archery is pretty badass.

So all in in all many distractions.

Feeling the hobby vibe starting to claw its way back, so hopefully there will be new updates soon