Monday, 22 September 2014

72. Terrain = Grey. Brown. Repeat. 40k Urban Terrain. Crashed Aquila part 4.

Having themed terrain is awesome. Having a 6 x 4 Board is awesome.
Having them theme matched is extremely awesome.
Having to paint them to match is dull as fuck.

You know it.

So the day I updated this project last time round I thought I'd start doing the grey layers.


Same(ish) recipe as always; Dark grey > Medium Grey > Light grey > Wash black > Final Brybrush.
(There are a couple of layers in between each stage but you get the idea)

Towards the end of last week (Friday?) |I started on the browns.
Same principle as with the grey, just with added dabbing and stippling on the ship itself to give it a weathered look;


A closer picture


A close up of the metal


The metal was easier than I'd anticipated.
The original layers were; Brown > Tin Bitz > Boltgun metal > Chainmail > Brown/Black wash

So to bring it back up after the basing layers got on it I gave it a heavy drybrush of Boltgun Metal.
Then I washed it with a 50/50 mix of Vallejo Smoke and Nulan Oil Wash, watered down a fair amount.
It gives it a very worn/oily brownish tint.
After that a quick drybrush of Boltgun and Chainmail and that's it.

Still some work to be done on this  ¬_¬
I've done some light weathering but I want a bit more; chipped paint, rents and tears maybe.
I want to work on the front piece a bit more; better smoke damaged glass, maybe a bit of blood splatter on the cockpit.

Also I'm toying with rust, and adding some brass details with verdigris. Thoughts?
Either comment on my wip thread on the bolter and chainsword, comment on this post or hit  up on Twitter @DarKHAZZl3

See you next time hivers

Friday, 19 September 2014

71. Teamwork! Blood Bowl part 5.

So, in between painting tedious amounts of red (see post 70) I painted tedious amounts of green...

Just the base coat of green down. A lot of red to do on these guys too ¬_¬

Also, I received some pledge rewards from a project I backed on IndieGoGo a while back.
The project was a chaos Blood Bowl team by RN studios .
RN's IndieGoGo projects fall into my 'basically a shop' category, which I intensely dislike, however, some of the rewards were backer only, so I wanted them.

So here we have a 'chaos' cheerleader (going to be a human cheerleader);

And this 'Jason' model, which will just end up in a Necromunda gang/ Chaos cultist unit;

Not the most exciting update, nor is it the biggest.
I'm not going to lie, most of my time has been taken up painting red and black. I want that thing out of the way mannnn.

Have you backed any model based crowd funding projects lately?
Feel free to drop me a comment about them if you have., or hit me up @DarKHaZZl3 on Twitter.

That's all for now.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

70. MOAR layering. 40k Urban Terrian. Crashed Aquila part 3.

Hey guys. MOAR painting.

You can't tell from the pictures if I'm honest, but this has been several layers of black > grey and several layers of dark > lighter red. Both hit with a black and red wash respectively

Here is a closer picture that shows off the layers a bit better...

Wash leaves a little residue on large flat I'll be going back to 'scuff' it up a bit.

A fair bit left to do;
Details and embellishment.

That's all for this update. After the sheer amount of time I spent painting it so far I kinda hoped I'd have more to write.. but I really don't.
Painting large models is tedious...

Peace out


Sunday, 7 September 2014

69. (Giggity) Inquisitor Coteaz Part 2.

well the Inquisition calls, you best paint. Or else.

I finally got my new painting stuff!

Some Isopropyl, Alcohol based brush cleaner, synthetic miniature painting brushes and a few vial/pippet dropper combo's.


So the Liquid Copper kind of looks like this


Lets get started!
After watching a load of videos on this stuff I was ready to roll.

First you shake the paint very, very well.
Then you pour some into a pallet and close the bottle asap.
After that take some Isopropyl and use it to thin the paint.
And go!




So far it is just the base Copper washed down with strong tone.
The Cape is a couple of layers of foundation red.

Ready for the never ending layers of red!

The Liquid Copper has great coverage...kind of made me very aware of how poor the casting of this miniature is...
Ah well.

I might paint some more of him this coming week. Been really tired this week though, so who knows.

Anyway, Peace out


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

68. Black and Red. Place Your Bets. 40k Urban Terrain - Crashed Aquila part 2.

Hey guys.

As I wait for my new alcohol based painting gear I thought I'd crack on with something else

Base coating this was very, very dull.
Mainly because it is so very big and flat.
But it was something to pass the time while I was pretending to be a phone on prop hunt.
Phone = Win.

Its getting there though!
Basing + Highlighting + Extensive detailing (of which will be a lengthy process)

New update will be up before the end of this week with any luck!