Thursday, 23 October 2014

76. A Road to Hiding Behind a Wall. Sisters of Battle Part 18.

So much for faith is our shield...

Welcome back to the Underhive!

I've been getting a couple of positive comments on my Aegis Defence Line, so I thought I'd carry on with that during this crazy painting spree I'm on.

That and I really like my Quad Gun!

If I'm honest here, I would have liked to have made more progress with this.
The reason I haven't? Scrubs.

Serious. Since my post 10 days ago I have re-watched  every season of scrubs.
Including the 'med school' spin off.

No comment.

On to painting huh?
I completed the wash and progressive drybrushing stage of the Aegis defence line


While I was doing this I cracked on with the marble tiles on the base of the Quad gun


I also started the gold icons too, because; why not?


The wall / tile mix is almost identical;
Denheb stone > Drybrush Karak & Screaming Skull > Add Ceramite white > progressively more white.
The only difference is that the wash on the wall is a brown one after the first stage,

The tile's wash on the other hand is a sepia wash before the last couple of layers.

The gold is just Vallejo Liquid Copper with a couple of washes of Army Painter Strong Tone.
It needs some layers and highlights to make it a bit more gold.
I like my gold beaten and dirty though, so it wont be too bright when it is done.

Here is a picture of the both together with some better lighting


In between layers drying I worked on the turret a little


I'm liking how this is turning out.
The Purple is obviously flat and the wrong shade, but it is only foundation purple.
Many layers before that is done.

I thought I'd throw in a little action (ish) shot for fun.


'Dat test sister model cameo.
I like this action shot. It also makes em ware of how important leaving the 'girder' section metalic/ silver-ish.
It creates a nice visual 'barrier' between the Aegis and the models behind it.

That is all for now.
While I had the gold out I did some work on another piece,
but I want to do some more on that before I post updates about it (it needs a lot of work!).

Thanks for reading and/or cowering behind the nearest wall.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

75. A Road to Glory. Sisters of Battle Part 17.

Simple title is simple.

So. Basically, I'm lazy and haven't been out to get the Agrellean Earth paint form GW.
So in the meantime I thought I'd keep this painting train rolling.

I decided to starting painting my Sisters of Battle... well... sort of.

I started my Aegis defence line.

Undercoat stage.





Started the base...



Tin Bitz and Boltgun metal drybrush.








Dheneb stone base coat.



Soft tone and Agrax Earthshade wash.


Admittedly it isn't impressive progress, but like all these things I've been painting recently it seem to take forever.

Just the long pieces and tower to wash and then I'll move on to fixing the metals and then some actual painting work.



Monday, 6 October 2014

74. Team D-Ork. Base = Done. Let the Layers Commence. Blood Bowl part 6.

Hello sports fans. Prepare to be generally disappointed!
Unless you are a fan of production line painting, in which case, huzzaaah!

While I wait for an opportunity to go out and get some Agrellan Earth to paint the cracked effect on my crashed Aquila (see previous post), I've been cracking on with my Ork Blood Bowl team.
So, enjoy!

First batch of picture is just base layers.

A quick silver drybrush;

Base layers of Mechrite red, Calthan/ Scorched brown and Fenris grey;

Painting the tabbards Khemri brown/Dheneb Stone;

Moving on to the first layers.
I do these before my initial shading wash to touch up anywhere I messed up on the base layers and to give the colours a bit more depth.

So the first step was the red. 50/50 Mechrite Red + Scab Red;

Then it is on to the biggie. The green.
A 1:1:1 mix of Orkhide shade, Knarloc green and Dark Angels green

Haven't finished the greens yet, so that, along with the other first layers will be the next port of call for the Blood Bowl updates.
A long way to go as after shading it lots of layers and highlights and details.
But it is starting to take shape =]

Once these guys are done I'll have to go back to the human team!
And/or all the other projects I have that are being ignored...
We'll see.

Leave some feedback, stories, tips/tricks and constructive criticisms if you so desire.
You can comment on the relevant post, or hit me up @DarkHaZZl3 on Twitter.

Until next time, thanks for reading


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

73. The not-so-mightly Imperial Navy. 40k Urban Terrain. Crashed Aquila part 5.

After painting all the same colours for an age I decided I wanted to do something different

So I thought I'd start adding some detail to the crashed Aquila Lander.




Hopefully the 'step by step' photo approach gives you a little insight into how I do my freehand stuff.
Not that I've really shown much of it off.

But essentially it's like drawing and then painting a picture.
I paint the outline, and then colour it in.

It isn't finished yet. This is just the template.

I'm not sure what to go for;

A cracked paint effect
A marble effect (stone/white)
A marble effect (green)

Thoughts welcome here.
Whichever is chosen it will be suitably 'roughed up' to fit with the rest of the piece.

These photos have thrown up a few bits here and there on the ed and black that need touching up, so I'll have to go back and do that as well.

Ta' for looking guys!