Thursday, 27 August 2015

85 - It was Throwback Thursday when I started writing this. Bloodbowl Part 7.

Hi there Underhivers!

another update in only a few days? madness.
But here we are, and today we're talking Age of Sigmar and/ or Bloodbowl.

So, AOS is a thing.
rather than butcher my WFB army I decided to start a brand new army for AOS.
But as I flicked through the rules I just couldn't settle on an army to play as.

Fast forward a little bit, and I'm talking to some folk about Bloodbowl.
I'm personally a big fan of the game, especially the PC version as it is a directed copy of the boardgame.

It hit me as we were having this conversation, that because of the round basses in AOs I could these miniatures in a Bloodbowl team!
In Bloodbowl I predominantly play Lizardmen, so I thought it would be a good AOS army to start with, as it would give me the excuse to collect a Lizardmen team too.

So after writing a quick team roster (1 Kroxigor, 5 Saurus, 7 Skins) I set about starting the team with the big guy first.


In AOS the minimum Kroxigor unit size is three, so I'll have to work on a couple more too


A subtle head position change


And a not so subtle leg change. I had to saw it into a couple of parts to get the positioning to a point where I was happy with it.


A lot more work to go on these guys.
A little bit of gap filling and sculpting too.

Will post more as and when I get it done, but for now, sleep.


Sunday, 23 August 2015

84. Long pause at the end of time.

Massive gap between this and my last post.

The main reason for that is I have a new job, which being a full time gig, has taken up a great deal of my time.
So much so that even my work over at The Cardboard Cartographer has been delayed.

The only real work I have got done has been the figures from the board game; Mice and Mystics, which has been posted to my personal blog The science of selling yourself short.

But enough blabbing.

Let's post about some actual stuff shall we?

So part of my job involves painting models.
And weather you want to see them or not, you're going see some of them!

This is the Bloodsecrator Khorne from the Age of Sigmar starter box set

01 - Age of Sigmar - Khorne Bloodsecrator

As I paint more for work, and get around to actually finishing some of my own projects I'll continue to post them here.
Keep your eyes peeled!