Monday, 12 October 2015

89. Wide Receivers. Bloodbowl part 11.

Consistent updating is a thing now.

More Lizardmen BloodBowl goodness for you guys.

This post can has Skinks plz.

Seeing as the vast majority of my Lizardmen team is Skinks (7 in total), I obviously had to do some of these guys.







A few alternate poses thrown in for fun.
A reasonable amount of greenstuff and such to be done on a couple, and adding arms to the rest.

Not a great deal to say about these to be fair.

Next post will be almost exclusively about greenstuff I imagine

Anyway, until then


Friday, 9 October 2015

88. Hold The Line. Bloodbowl part 10.

What's up sports fans?

More Bloodbowl goodness today.

It's time for the Saurus.
Their job is to hit things.
That's about it.

Decided to use Temple Guard for my Bloodbowl Saurus; their more ornate heads and bulkier frames seem to suit the role of Bloodbowl better.



I decided to keep the shields to use as bracers, after all, the Saurus main job is to make blocks.
It was just a case of chopping off weapons and finding some interesting posses.

The two 'Blitzers.'


The 'Catcher/ Runner.'

This guy will be carrying a ball under his arm.


The Saurus Captain.



The 'Thrower.'

This guy will have a hand catching a ball sculpted onto the stump of his wrist.



The 'Star Player.'

Each of my Bloodbowl teams has a star player in case someone wants to use one, so I thought I'd make one for the Lizardmen.
Who better to use than Chakax for the base of it.



Group shot of the Suaurs/ Temple guard unit.


Team Photo.


These guys are next up for the greenstuff treatment.
In the meantime I'll get o building my Skinks and thinking up names for all of them.

That's all for now.
If you want sneak peaks of my stuff check out my instagram as I post pictures of things as I do/ get them.
You can find it here.

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Until next time!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

87. Tipping The Scales. Pun Intended. Bloodbowl part 9.

Just a little update for this one.

After doing all of the gap filling on the Kroxigors, it was time to sculpt some scales on the legs to make the parts fit in visually.




That's pretty much it for the whole update.
The Kroxigors are 100% done at this point.

On to the Skinks and Saurus!


Saturday, 3 October 2015

86. Lustira St Germain. Bloodbowl part 8.

Hey guys.
I know it has been a while, but work means I don't get to work on my own projects anywhere near as much as I'd like.
That being said, I have managed to get quite a bit done on my Bloodbowl/ Age of Sigmar Lizardmen team/ Army.

Without any further delay, here are the Kroxigors!
All three of them!

Kroxigor Captain.




The original Kroxigor



Kroxigor with a corner flag.




Skink Priest Roshambo = Head cheerleader aka The General of my AOS army.



I even have a little story for the team;

Lustria St Germain have, despite all odds, managed to get to the Chaos Cup Bloodbowl final, and despite thos eodds are actually winning against the world famous Reikland Reavers.
With mere minutes left on the clock LSG are mounting an epic defense; their fearless Saurus line battling strong, while the Skinks manage to be everywhere at once nipping at the humans heals.

Victory seemed assured.

Suddenly the ground began to rumble.
With the teams lock in scrums across the pitch it couldn't be a charging blitzer or Kroxigor.
The players stopped in their tracks, bemused as to what was the cause of these sudden tremors.

As suddenly as it had started, it stopped and was immediately replaced with an holy cracking sound.
The earth beneath everyone's feet was tearing itself into pieces.
But this was no mere earthquake.

This was the end of the world itself.
The damage wrought by warring factions half a world a way had caused the planet to die.
Chunks of the planet tore themselves from their foundations and were flung into the air before being dragged into the void.

This insanity was too much for the occupants to take, and one by one they blacked out.

Roshambo, the head cheerleader was the first to regain consciousness.
The scene that greeted his opening eyes was vastly different to the previous one.

It was like another world; there were floating islands of earth, seemingly from different areas of the planet, and indeed, some the didn't look like they belonged in this very existence.
On top of that, they were alone. The Reikland Reevers and their fans were gone.
It was just LSG and their supporting Skink fans.

As the team awoke, Roshambo gathered his thoughts, and called the team together.

'Looks lads, I know this is a crazy turn of events, but we need to focus on what's important.'

The team murmured their agreement.

'It is up to us to do what's right'

A louder rumble of assent came back to him.

'It doesn't matter our surroundings have changed...'

Chats of here here were shouted by the team.

'If we stick together there is nothing that can tear us apart!'

A mighty cheer errupted.

'We were winning, so lets go get our cup. It is ours by right!!'

'Yeahhh... wait, what?'

It was too late. Roshambo had stormed off towards what remained of the team transportation; A Stegadon and a Bastiladon, climbed aboard and shouted, 'Who's with me?!'

The team looked at each other, shrugged and headed to the team 'buses,' and the fans followed suit.

And so began their quest for glory, or whatever else they might find in this new realm.

I've done a lot more than these guys, but I'm going to post it in separate posts, so stay tuned for more Bloodbowl, and other things.