Sunday, 27 March 2016

96. Unto the anvil! A Prophecy. Salamanders part 2.

More stalling on painting. Shock!

But there are more Salamanders.


This is my Librarian.
As my Salamanders are probably going to be 3rd company, I thought I'd base it on Dakir from the Tomb of Fire trilogy by Nick Kyme.

Just needs a little bit of green stuff on the pistol arm to match the sword arm, and for a bit of fire in the center of the chest plate.
Also, it needs some form of scenic base, otherwise the sword arm will drag along whatever table it'll be on.... goddamn long sword :P

More later!


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

95. Unto the anvil! Salamaners part 1.

So while I am still stuck in the indecisiveness of Imperial Knight painting, and the slow crawl to having all of my Sisters infantry base coated (haven't even begun the tanks either) I needed to something to fill my hobby time.

Time for the resurrection of my original 40k army; The Space Marines.
For years I'd left them to one side, not sure what to do with them.
A few year ago, I decided upon Salamanders to Collect, with another Space MArine army (The Marines Malevolent) being used as a 'house army' for visiting players.

These projects have languished in obscurity... untouched, and unloved.... but slowly gathering resources for a time when they would finally resurface.
That time has come!

Resurrected from the ashes of Space Marine armies past, this is a project based around re purposing my old Space Marine army.
breaking it down and building it back up better than before.



This was a concept model, using bits form various kits, including forge world  and spell crow stuff.
I've since done quite a lot more, and will post about those soon.

Here's the production line shot.


You can make out a few more models here and there... I'll post some more of them soon if I don't get the urge to paint the knight!

Anyway, until then, stay classy Underhivers!