Friday, 22 April 2016

99. Vulkan Lives! Salamanders part 5.

....well, kinda.

What Salamanders army would be complete without Vulkan He'Stan.
However, I'm not a big fan of the official one, it just doesn't fit with how he looks in my head.

So years ago I decided to make my own, but I never got round to uploading him.
But here he is!



It's an Emperors Champion body, with a Mk 4 helmet (the 1 you got in the Black Templar kit as the Heresy range and Calth were not out yet), a plastic grey knight Nemesis force halberd (which replaced the metal one he used to have), and an apothracery gauntlet for the crazy hand flamer.... the barrel fell off while I was photographing him.

Small update for today.
we'll see what I can dig out for the next one!



Thursday, 14 April 2016

98. Devastator ready! Salamanders part 4.

So I'm back.
Not such a big gap this time eh?

I've actually done a fair whack of Sallies, it's just getting round to updating my various stuff.
I've been super busy with other things too.
If you wan to know what they are, check out my main blog!

But that isn't why you're here (or shouldn't be anyway), so on with the show?

I wrote up a list for my Salamanders, I can't remember if I mentioned it, but essentially it revolves around the Skyhammer Annihilation force formation.
Which they are conveniently releasing in a book this weekend.

Long story short Devastators, Drop pods and Assault marines, and due to the unique rules of the formation it pays to have a lot of devastators with bolters...
So out of the mass of Marines I had to build, that is where I started.

Now, I want a fair amount of drakescale cloaks and unique armour and arms in ym army.
At the same time I didn't just want to spam corsair cloaks, as awesome as they are

So more pillaging of the Fyrelayers then!


This more armoured scale cloak is actually a Magmadroth leg piece!
The front side needs some greenstuff work to make it look like an actual cloak form the front, but I think it looks pretty good considering!
Once again, thanks to a friend for the bitz!

Here is the Sergeant with his squad;


The guy with the thunder hammer will be used as the tactical squad sergeant should I even use them in that role instead.
(He's sneakily an exact copy of my Deathwatch Salamander from before Overkill was a thing)

Now, as the Skyhammer specifies two squads of Devastators...


More bolters! In this case it is captain pointy hands who is the understudy.

So yeah, you may be asking 'where are the heavy weapons?'
Well this is for a few reasons.

A ) I'm using the 'x' point heavy weapon idea...
basically my list just says 4 times 'XX point' heavy weapons.
This allows me to change it as I see fit.
This means...

 B ) I need to magnatise each heavy weapon devastator.
This is time consuming, and also means that...

C ) I need 8 of each heavy weapons that costs 'xx' points, but mainly, I need 8 Multi Meltas, as that is what I'll probably run being Salamanders.

So yeah.
8 Multi Meltas...

That's all from The Underhive for now!
Like I said, I've been busy with other stuff... if you'd like to know what check out my main blog -

But in short;
Mice & Mysitcs and new amiibo stuff - Main Blog

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That's it for now, so catch you next time hivers!


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

97. A Fiery Red-Head. Salamanders part 3.

So more Salamanders to break up the time between the lack of sculpting and painting.

Part of this Space Marine project involves recycling my old Space Marine models.
They; like a lot of my projects several years ago, did not receive the care and attention to detail they deserve when I first built them.
So like my other projects, it is time to get these up to scratch.

So on that note here is the start of the new squad with their Librarian.


The eagle eyed of you may have spotted the main recycled marine in the squad...
Here he is in his previous iteration.


Swapped out the hammer for a chainsword to keep the number of hammers down slightly.

I always like having a Space Marine captain (even if I don't use them), so after re-purposing the previous captain I decided to make a new one, by re -using another old model.


This guy is made from my very first kit-bahsed captain from the Phoenix Warrior days.
I've added some choice bits to make him decorated enough to be a captain, hence the weaponry... he'll never be use din a actual game so it doesn't really matter :P.

inb4 the questions; the helmet is made using a Sternguard helmet and a crest form the new AOS Fyreslayers.

More marines to come soon!
I think I've decided on a scheme for my Imperial Knight too, so that's good

Until then, comment, constructive criticism, general chatter all welcome :3