Tuesday, 17 May 2016

101. When I shotgun you say escher; Shotgun! Escher! Shotgun! Escher! It Came From the Underhive. Escher Gang part 6.

Really long title, but you know.
Words, words, words.

Since finishing the Princess I thought I'd crack on with the rest fo the gang.
After all, with how few models a Necromunda gang has I might actually finish this project!

Speaking of finish, here are a couple more of the gang done!

Shotgun ganger;

I tried to base her colour palette on Zoe from firefly.
I mean, she's a badass lady from the far future in a lot of leather and armed with a shotgun.

Next up we have a Juve;


In all seriousness, I just wanted to do pastel orange on something.
It suits the 80's/90's feel.

Very happy with the way the juve turned out.
I wasn't sold on the face to start with, but now I think she looks like she has a bit of sass about her.

I'm working on more, but my pace has started to slow down again.
Heavy painting times at work of late I guess.

Anyway, that's all for today.
More soonish hopefully.

Until then fuggers.




Thursday, 5 May 2016

100. One Hundred Posts! #TBT to when it all started! It Came From the Underhive. Escher Gang part 5.

Throwing it all the way back!

The last time I updated the Escher Gang was back in June 2014!

But this Throwback is actually a tribute to how this blog first started.

My very first post back in September 2011 was about my Escher Gang, and the very reason this blog was created.
'It Came From The Underhive' was my very first solo blog project.

So I thought I'd rekindle this project and show it some of my now crazy productive hobby love!
And what better way than focusing on one of the very reaons I started this blog.... the epicenter of my Escher Gang.

The 'promiscuous princess.'

Back in my second ever post I knew she was going to be the leader of my gang, hence the title of the post (check it out here - http://theunderhivehero.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/urlhttpwww.html).
Sure enough my 3rd post was about her, and you can check her out in all her metal glory by following the link in that post...

But enough flashbacks.... let's get to that update... that sweet, sweet update!

She's come a long way from her bare metal days!
But here she is, the daughter of an imperial noble who ran away to the underhive, taking her father baroque plasma pistol with her to face the underhive alone.
Her connections to power, though diminished, all but guaranteeing her a fats route up the ranks of the local street gangs, and her pistol did the rest.
Now embroiled in the criminal activities of the Escher gang (still with no name after all these years) she leads the charge through the underhive.


Another one down!

You should also check out my main blog; The science of selling yourself short.
I've been posting some  board game miniatures on there!
There is a massive update tomorrow too so keep your eye on that.

Nostalgia trip complete. Throwback threw.

I'll see you next time.

The Underhive Hero, out!