Thursday, 15 September 2016

112. Armour up! Salamanders part 9.

This post will pretty much a carbon copy of my Bolter & Chainsword post, so...

I've been doing some more hobby. Huzzah.
But to be honest, it has slowed down a little (holiday, buying more hobby, other stuff).

I'm coming up on my imminent unemployment, and my productivity is dropping off to be replaced with existential dread haha.
I digress.

You came here to see things.

I've been working primarily on getting the Space Marine armour built.
So First off we have the drop pods.



I would have finished these.... but I wanted some brass etching (which I forgot to buy on my last trip to Warhammer World :( )
And I needed to know how to paint them in stages.

Now that I'm aware of the process, and once I get myself some etchings, these guys are good to go!

Next up is the Vindicators.

These are my old vindicators.
There was nothing 'wrong' with them per-se, but I just wanted to make them more secure, get a few mold lines I'd missed, and fill in some gaps



I decided to do the sisters ones at the same time, as I never got round to them before either.

But yeah.
I now have the Multi Melta's I need, as well as some extra Salamanders shoulder pads, which should be enough to finish off the Devastators.
next step is the Dreadnought, so... look out for that one!

Anyway, that's all for now.
I'm hoping I get back the hobby bug once I've sorted through my horde of new things haha!



Sunday, 4 September 2016

Saturday, 3 September 2016

110. This is a thing now. Stormcast Eternals part 1.

So after painting some Stormcast Eternals for the shop, I kinda caught the Age of Sigmar bug a little.

So I'm actually going to carry on with them for my own self.

So I started with a box of Liberators.

The thing that has always kind of bugged me with Age of Sigmar is the supposed lack of customisation.
Once you open the box you can tell there are a lot of weapon options, but in terms of possibility there is very little you can do...
Or so you'd think at first.

With a little bit of twisting and turning, and a few bits of creative cutting (some wrists to move positions of hammers) you can get a decent amount of possibility.
Having some green stuff helps.


I wanted to keep the 'everyone has shields' kinda theme, so I made a strap for the Liberator Prime's shield so it could be slung over his back.
I also threw in some Blood Angel heads to give the Stormcast a bit more of a human touch.
I based the idea off the limited edition Warhammer World Errant Questor.

So that's it... a few mold lines to remove and then on to painting...
Though I am painting several other things right now, so that may take some time XD

Anyway, until next time