Thursday, 2 February 2017

115. A Road to Glory. Butter Biscuit Basecoat. Sister of Battle part 20.

I know, I know, it has been a while.

Being made redundant a while back really hit me hard emotionally and financially.
Lucky fr me the cover work I spoke of has carried me through just about, but November, December and January where not comfortable for me.

I did a bit of hobbying here and there, but didn't really feel any joy from it... in fairness I didn't feel a great deal of joy form anything.

Over January though my mood has improved, and I've focused on making as much progress I can, in the areas under my control

One of those areas is my hobby.

Sometime in November I set about the task of basecoating all of my Sisters of Battle.

This was a pretty long and arduous process, especially considering
a ) I'm a terribly slow painter
b ) I hate batch painting
Purples, Greens, Browns and Blacks (for the black parts and in anticipation of the metal parts)

I'm happy to report though that they are all done... or hey were, until I acquired some more XD
( I couldn't turn down the new canonness and plastic Celestine!)


That's a lot of girls!

Here is what they look like up close


It took me until late December to finish these basecoats, and then I took a break from them and did some work on some other stuff (which I have subsequently completed, so expect pictures soon)

I'm going to try and forge ahead.
I imagine I'll get distracted at some point though, so no promises.

Thanks for reading


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