Wednesday, 15 February 2017

120. Exalted. Tzeentch Disciples part 3.

I've been plugging along with my Age of Sigmar Tzeentch chaos (still a mouthful) army.
I kinda got carried away with the Exalted Hero of Chaos though XD

He's done irl, I'll upload the final pictures in a separate post though, but he is the 'last' Wip shots of him for y'all to enjoy.

Those of you who follow me on Instgram will have already seen a few of these pictures (and some more besides).
But what you get here is a bit more of an in depth write up on what I've done, how I did it and what the plan is moving forward.


From the black undercoat, the whole model was painted dark blue (Necron Abyss) towards the bottom and dark purple (Liche/Xereus Purple & Chaos/Abbadon Black) towards the top.
After that it was simply a case of stippling gradually lighter shades of Liche/Xereus Purple through to Warlock Purple/ Screamer Pink and then mixing Bleached Bone/Screaming Skull into to it for a more pastel look


When appropriate (read as: guess) the figure was shaded with Leviathan Purple/ Druchi Violet, Asurmen Blue/ Drakenhof Nightshade and/ or Baal Red/ Carroburg Crimson (mainly the later for the bright parts, and the others for the darker parts)


One I was happy (enough at any rate) it was a case of adding the 'Stars.'
This was done with an exceptionally light/ pastel pink and stippled on, with a few larger dots painted on.

As the armour on this guy turned out a lot more purple than I'd planned, I decided to add the blue back in by painting the cape an exceptionally dark blue/ almost black highlighted blue.

We'll come back to the rest of the details shortly.


I wanted to tie the figure back into the rest of the army.
While most of this will be done with the basing (something I've invested a lot of time into), I wanted their to be a presence on the rest of the figure.

I started with the weapons; the disc on my burning chariot is a mix of silver, gold and metallic blue (something that I will post later/ is on my instagram if you're curious)
So I went with that scheme.



The base is where most of the cohesive elements in this army will come from.
The Tzeentch mob will be an eclectic mix of colours, and this will be the main constant in the army.
As I want to use the models I've built for The Silver Tower boardgame, I decided to theme all of my basses around that.


The rest of the details are pretty standard;
Bones are bone coloured, Leather is brown, Steel is silver and the ornaments are gold.
The fur is blue grey to tie it back into the bluish tint that's evident in most colours in this paintjob



And that's it.
Next time you see this guy he'll be all done (as he already is XD)

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Until next time


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