Monday, 20 February 2017

121. Plastic reinforcement. Sisters of Battle part 23.

As an Armies of the Imperium fan, I obviously had to get the first Triuvirate.

Inquisition, Ad Mech and Sisters of Battle?

I set about building the Sisters first (I did actually build Grefax first, but ya'know)

They're a bit fiddly, especially Celestine.
But I got there.

Here they are, with my marble style basses to go with them;







The eagle eyed of you will recognise that base from a previous post, which can be found here!
Yes, I canabalaised my old Celestine base for the new one.
Fear not though, the old one will be getting a new base...I'm not abandoning her just yet!

All that's left is various girts of sand and cork dust to make the rubble and they're ready to be primed,

I am stuck in two minds weather to keep them in their original colours, or to use something different that will tie them into my current Sisters of Battle more.
It'll be a good while before I paint them, so I've got time XD

That's all for now.


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