Tuesday, 28 February 2017

122. The silver ruin. Tzeentch Disciples part 4.

So I've done a lot of work on my Tzeentch Chaos army for Age of Sigmar.
(Sorry 40k fans)

I can't remember if I said it, but I'll say it again; I'm basing my army around The Silver Tower...
Or rather the ruins of it.

After the Gaunt Summoner's plans were foiled by a band of adventurers, the magic forces keeping The Silver Tower functioning dissipated.

With the destruction of the Tower, the Gaunt Summoner called out across the realms of magic for allies.
Mortal followers of Tzeentch flocked to an the daemonic avatar of their deity, while daemons were summoned into being to wage war his the Gaunt Summoners behalf.

That's it.
Silver Tower...but a bit fucked.

So with that in mind I wrote up a 1k list (pitched battle is so much easier to organise)and set about building and basing the list (I'll post it in another post).

The Warriors got their basses done (minus the crackle paint, which will come later).


I've done some greenstuff on some of the basses (push molds of various bitz and pieces), as well as some patterns cut from thing plasticard to mimic the banding the Silver Tower boards have in the background.
The rest is Cork and various grits of sand to represent rubble.

As well as my own basses I've thrown in a few shattered dominion basses as they fit The Silver Tower theme really well.










As well as the warriors, I built/ based all of the characters from the list.

Exalted Hero:

I really wanted a base to mirror his pose; something heavily in the same direction he's pointing to give it a bit more gravitas, and with a bit of elevation to explain the billowing cape.



Chaos Sorcerer:

Given all of my characters are going to be slightly raised, I felt it was only fair this diminutive guy got a bit of a height boost too.
Also, he is kinda looking down, so the added height means the pose makes more sense.



The green stuff on his back is a push mold from the Burning Chariot of Tzeetch's Disc.

Gaunt Summoner/ Tzeentch Herald:
On foot;

I first started collecting Tzeentch for Age of Sigmar when the Generals Handbook came out.
We we're running a campaign in store (the summer of war world wide campaign to be exact) and we were encouraged to collect an army for it.Back then trying to run a mono Tzeentch daemon list was doable, but terrible, so this guy was my Tzeentch Herald.

Now I've given up on that idea, he's my Gaunt Summoner.

The runic greenstuff is a push mold of Eldrad Ulthuan's base from Deathmask.



Made from a Chaos Sorcerer lord model, some bitz from the burning chariot/ Tzeentch herald on Chariot and some green stuff tentacles to tie it in with the Horror aesthetic.


On disc;



I have no idea where I found that crystal.

That's all for now.

Next up on the chopping block is some Daemons and a Gorebeast Chariot!
Also, a lot of painting....

Feedback/ conversation and constructive criticism welcome!

Until next time


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