Monday, 6 March 2017

124. Scrolls of power. Tzeentch Disciples part 6.

It's a wall of text update!


In all seriousness this is the post I said I would do in 122. 

1k Tzeentch Disciples list: Godsworn Champions of Ruin:

Exalted Hero of Chaos:
Sorcerer Lord
10 Chaos Warriors
Gorebeast Chariot
Gaunt Summoner
10 Pink Horrors
3 Flamers

General - GS w/ Magical Supremacy
Artifacts of Power:
EHoC - Timeslip Pendant

Gaunt - Souldraught
Spells: Arcane Bolt, Mystic Sheild

GS -Infernal Flames, Tzeentch's Firestorm, Glimpse The Future
SL - Daemonic Power, Shield of Fate
PH's - Bolt of Tzeentch

I've played a couple of games with it so far.
Destiny Dice are amazing (Yay Glimpse The Future).

1 got slaughtered in my first, but because of the DD's I managed to keep bringing horrors back on every bravery check.
My opponent. ended up killing about 37 from a unit of 10 XD

In my second game I was on the back foot until I had 1 good turn of magic, inflicting 22 mortal wounds from 3 spells.

Things that I've learned:

Pink horrors are kinda pointless... blue horrors are better value.
PH's would be great if you didn't have to pay the points for the BH's you split into, but alas, you do.

Going forward I'll replace PH's with BH's and just use Chaos Marauders for battleline.

Big things are hard as fuck to kill.
The Gorebeast isn't big enough.
I need to add a Lord of Change as soon as I can haha

Anyway, that's it.

If you have any feedback, constructive criticism or advice, then I'm all ears.
( I know I should be running Arcanites and Tzangors, but I don't have the money for them XD)

Until next time .


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