Himynameis DarKHaZZl3, and welcome to 'The Underhive Hero.'

I'm a Keele University alumni, I work a crumby job while looking to get into a career and I like to complain. A lot.
I also never get round to finishing anything hobby related.

The Underhive Hero is a place where I pool all of my hobby related activity; painting, converting, building, writing stories and so on, in one place.

For the longest time I had exclusively bogged the progress of my armies over on the Bolter and Chainsword, on a blog called 'A Road to Glory.'

 However in 2011 I created 'The Underhive Hero' as a place to blog about my non-power armour related stuff, such as my Escher Gang.

In March 2013 The Bolter and Chainsword had a massive overhaul.
The premise was to focus functionality on the ever growing forums.
This meant the Blog section was removed.

Obviously, I was saddened by this development. I had years of work invested into my Blog.
Instead of dwelling on the past I resurrected my 'Armies of the Imperium' WiP post, and decided to diversify 'The Underhive Hero,' to include all of my hobby antics.

From only posting 11 times during 2011 and 2012, I have since gone on to post 35 times in 2013.
2014 already seems set to beat that level of posting, with significantly less filler.

With progress like that, who knows? Maybe I will finish something...

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